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"She's one of the few players still playing who I watched growing up. As a young girl wanting to be a professional tennis player, it's an incredible honour and I can't wait to play on court with her. "Once out on court, against anyone, anyone is out there to compete. Hopefully I'll come off as the winner. "In terms of enjoying the opportunity and the competition, I will cherish every minute out there." Konta extends winning streak Konta repeated her fourth-round win over Makarova of 12 months ago Konta arrived in Melbourne having won her second WTA title in Sydney, the city in which she was born, and Monday's victory over Makarova made it nine matches and 18 sets in a row. She had needed three hours to beat Makarova at the same stage of the 2016 tournament, but 12 months on the Briton has established herself as a true Grand Slam contender. Dominant in every aspect of the game, she raced through the first set in just 24 minutes, winning 78% of points ครีม ทา หน้า กลางวัน on her serve and, more impressively, 62% on the Makarova serve. Her constant aggression left the flat-hitting Makarova struggling to get a racquet on the ball much of the time. Konta's level dropped in the second set as her first serve deserted her briefly, allowing Makarova to build a 4-1 lead, but the Briton came storming back with five games visit their website in a row - closing out the match superbly from 0-40 with two aces along the way.

Applying moisturizersor any products, reallywhen your skin is wet is a good idea for two reasons, the obvious being that it seals in the water thats on your skin. But the more important aspect is that wet skin is more porous, so treatment ingredientsin this case, hydratorscan penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, where they can do the most good. In addition to moisturizers, there are a handful of other classes of products that deliver the same results. Below we outline the philosophy behind using balms, oils, cream, lotions, and serums: Why use a balm The thickest, most skin-coddling, nourishing option in moisturizing, your average balm is not something youre going to want to put on under makeup : A good one is thick, occlusive, and super-healing. Most balms are nicely multipurpose and great on skin, but also lips, and on dry or rough spots all over the body. You can also use them over sunblock in extreme weather situations like skiing. Why use an oil Oils are the original moisturizer; women have been using them for centuries. They vary in texture, depending on the type of oil, so definitely experiment with a few before deciding yea or nay. You can use an oil just like a regular moisturizer, though they generally take a few minutes to sink in enough to apply makeup over. Apply face and/or body oils as often as your skin seems to like.

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